Saturday, November 24, 2012


Hello All. Here We Are. Again. With 'It-Makes-Sense-Only-If-You-Intend' Kind of a post. So, Be Kind and Read it.

As usual, I was busy staring at her profile pics. All of a sudden, my heart whispered. --- "Listen to your Heart. Believe in the intangible beauty". That sounded so Digvijay Singh to me. "What sense does it make? Isn't Beauty what we see?  What we perceive? " I asked, as if somebody was going to answer.

Nobody Answered. But, I gave it some thought.

Life is more than 'Twinkle-Twinkle-Little-Star' poem to learn ByHeart. So why Should I listen to it? What do I actually want in my life? Love at first sight? A corner 30-40 site?  Is Beauty really intangible? Why, people who are attracted by women seldom want to get committed? Why, people who share 'I love college life', don't just  fail and detain in college? And during all these I realized that I am being haunted by the same master question -- Why do I have so many questions in my life?

This time, I tried to dig it bit deeper. Perhaps, Alcohol inside me really did some good thinking.

Brain must  be very  brilliant in a very obvious way. Heart is exactly not known for that. At times, there exists a good Chemistry between our Heart and  Brain. They go hand in hand, legs according to legs, step to the tune together, What we say --- 'Living the life Peacefully'. But very often they fight. The way we react, but then depends on, Who manage to conquer our views.

As expected, number of thoughts rushed in to my mind that night, after I went to bed.

"Brain is 'You-Can't-Rip-Me-Off-With-Ease' kind of a Dude. 
 Heart is "You-Are-Good-So-Am-I" kind of a wise man. 
 Heart helps you, believe in God. Brain makes you skeptic.
 Heart endures pain where as Brain resists it.
 Brain is a Karnal ( who commands ) and a Heart is a Kernel. No. Wait. Kernel is a Heart. Okay.

As soon as this Operating System concept popped in to my thought process, I fell asleep. ( History Repeats.. You See..) 
I had a dream that night.  Altercation. Between my Heart and Brain. 
(Of course they could talk, they had a facebook account, they had their own asses, they were married and even their wives had their own asses etc.  COME ON! It was a dream after all.)

 Heart started in a medium voice. More Balanced.  "I am abode of God" , It continued. 
 "I do not inquire what is right and what is not.  All is well here. Many people cry through me, Just not to renounce their 'Tough-Guy' tag. I am an ocean of abysmal depth of love and affection. A mother of all mothers."

Brain laughed, and began. "You are so gullible. Either u make people drown in the past or make them over concerned about the future and not let them live the present. You make them brittle. That is why they eventually 'break-up'. You leave them unattended in melancholy. I instigate them."

"Do not judge Love, considering a bad decision, or a bad time" Heart said, "Time has power to turn a coal in to a diamond"

"And my wife has  power even to convert my payslip in to a Diamond" said the Brain. CHANDLERically.

Heart adhered to the point,  "You would be mesmerized by a glimpse of Love, a divine power, I radiate"

"Hehe. The 'Wine  Power' ?"  Brain winked, "That is what 'I' suggest during traumas."

Heart continued, "Love is ecstatic!!" 

"Love is Sex-Static.!!", Brain responded.
"I help people to realize their dreams. Or at times, trick their Dream Girls.. Hihhihhi." Brain Smirked.

In turn said the heart,  "Yeah. Right. I forgot. You can think rationally, but not emotionally." 

Ego of Brain was tested this time. It began with a vehement attack.
"Why these usages, 'Commitment' and 'Commit Suicide' are so strongly correlated? What Kind of love stories are those, which start at Dominos and end at Coffeday? DOOMS DAY? Do people like roads with (metaphorical) humps and  bumps so much, that they even give up smooth journey in their life? Do love sucks (blood) so much that it is being compared to Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart? Is exchanging Greetings, Gifts ( And also Saliva ), called Love?  If a person loves himself, is he a Gay? What explanation you would give about those envious acts people do in love? Why do people go behind Love even after knowing it is blind? To get hit by something and fall? That is why they say 'falling' in love? Is lust so brilliant, that it gets all the benefits in the name of  love? Why this Co-LOVE-Very Disgusting? "

The wise Heart smiled and answered silently. "My dear Brain, Had you listened to your heart, you would never have had so many questions!!"
I woke up after this recurring dream, I had been struggling lately, to sort out. Somebody had said, if the conflict portrayed in the dream is kept unresolved or neglected, Dreams would recur.  "Not any more", I thought. I repeated what the heart had said,  "Had you listened to your heart, you would never have had so many questions!!".


  1. Just great... Brain really communicated with heart after reading this...:)

  2. Brain is just a haughty little machine! ;)

  3. Good one bro... heart is the fear-truth the brain always hides....