Friday, July 27, 2012

Pune in my punspective

All of us have opinions on different aspects that vary over entire thought spectrum. Being a baby blogger, it is better to mention, the whole flow here might be flaw-full, poor jokes might be penurious and even the subject chosen might not be sublimer. Nevertheless it's my opinion. I've penned down (pressed the keys down) about the city Pune not the way it is, but in the way I have seen it in six months. If you sense, statements stated here are inappropriate, hyperbolized, I totally respect your opinion.

[NOTE: You may reckon, it's a mediocre piece of work, but just remember, "Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by mediocrities". Now read till the end, as I just told, you are a genius!]

OK. OK. Whatever. Let's get started quickly.

Throw a stone anywhere in Pune. It either hits a guy in search of job, a girl with her face covered, or a panipuri point.  I meticulously carried out the test before coming to this conclusion (of course by throwing imaginary stones). Life in Pune is vivaciousIt is a paradise for junkards (junk food eaters). Clement climate, 'adrak ke chai' amidst cold breeze, soothing winter, clean areas may make you  fall in  love with the city. Similar to Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore, Pune is also A City Of Chai (a bit difficult for coffeites), A City That Never Cheaps (a bit costly) and A Ghor-dense City (a bit congested).


Trust me! Chat items in Pune are just ummmmmouth wahhhhtering. They are so chatpati. They are so spicy. They have a unique, inimitable blend of chutney and chat masala. Pavbhajis are so well garnished and panipuri? Ahh! It tempts your taste buds. And above all, the fact I liked is -- It's always fun to watch, those rich people begging panipuriwala, for a piece of food, and water. Chats in Pune are way better than chats in Bangalore. (Kannadadalli helbeku andre, Banglore alli, bahaLa kaDe chat hesralli hat toppi haktare"). I couldn't believe, vada pav and misal pav are preferred options for their breakfast! Now see, when people say, "Arey Bhau, Everything we do for Bread and Butter", they mean it literally.


I reminisced Hindi numerals due to difficulty in reading numbers on buses. Trust me! Pune Municipal Transport Bus (PMT) is  more or less like IRCTC website. I, more often used this as my Patience Marking Tool (PMT) to check my patience. Buses are *that* frequent. Drivers are always in hurry and conductors are always in 'heri' (boLsu) mood. Dear Non-Kannadigas, It means conductors are very costly in Pune. More often you  will have to give tips to them. Once, I felt, I won a lottery when a conductor  returned my change before asking. I still remember, tears of happiness rolled down that day. Because of zero resistance to give change, I used to call such conductors as superconductors.

[NOTE:You will find "fucktha mahila sathi" written near some seats inside PMT  buses. But don't panic. It just means "Only for ladies" in Marathi.]

Alternate transportation options are Auto-rickshaws and something called six seaters (on which sixteen people sit normally). Six seater is just a fancy word for a share auto, where the fare is bearable. Auto rickshaws on the other hand are equally expensive. After 10 PM, if you want to go by an auto in Pune, carry an automatic fare calculator to solve an incredibly intricate math problem of the universe. Charge to be paid   wrt  meter reading, that is. (Charge to be paid = Meter reading*1.569/ sin(x) e^x dy/dx something like that). Very complicated! Roads are better in Pune compared to Chennai. But the specialty is, pits are less but spits are more on it. About the traffic, you will not be  intensely traffucked as you would be in Bangalore. 


If  birdswatching (metaphorical) is your hobby then Pune is a heaven  for you. But, some girls, hehe well most of the girls, sorry all the girls cover their faces in order to protect ( I am not sure from what. Once I saw a girl covering her face inside a car!). No girl in Pune,  goes in her scooty without being scooTerrorist. Apart from the fact, that Pune girls are beautiful, what I liked the most about them is -- most of the times, lady passengers in PMT don't even care if some douche sits on "Only For Ladies" seats. 

OK. Whatever.  This is too much. Let me finish this here.

Thanks everybody for reading.

Peace Out.


  1. That was quite a funny read! Took me back to my visit to Pune 16 years ago..I remember the yummy vada-pav :)
    And, all the best...may you realise your dreams.

  2. Super... btw, this blog would've taken its birth much earlier... and of course, time doesn't make sense all d time... All the very best to 'Mediocrity'...

  3. welcome to the blogdom.

    Nice post.Had a good laugh...

    'll keep visiting.